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Does anyone study the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UC or ANU?

What has been your experience with it?

  • A positive or negative experience?
  • Good lecturers?
  • Anything else to note

Want to tutor? and selling a car

hey all - if you're keen on tutoring any 1st/2nd/3rd year students in subjects ranging from maths, to journalism contact Lucy Blemings at the Ngunnawal Centre in building 7b6

The hourly rates I believe range from $35.00 an hour!!!

Also i'm selling a car so if you're interested check out http://www.webauto.com.au/show.php?iid=2464 for contact details pictures etc.
It is an urgent sale so I'm willing to negotiate the price a few grand below the advertised price.

Cheers !        
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Exam results

Does anyone know when exam results are being released? It seems an obvious thing to tell us on the website, but I can't find any reference to it anywhere. I think I heard it was today but maybe I am just on crack.

EDIT: Just in case anyone is as lost as I am, I just found on one of my discussion boards someone saying it's at 1500. Not sure if that's correct. That's the best information I have. Why oh why does UC not tell us these things?
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Hey guys,
Just a quick question as my exams approach way to fast for my liking.
Has anyone done Communication Foundations in the past? Just wondering what the exam is llike. Too many damn theories to study and I've procrastenated way too much.

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Graphic Design 1.1 Students

Hey I was wondering if anyone here does GRAPHIC DESIGN 1.1, and if you know whether there was a h/w sheet for week 6. I can't find it amongst my h/w sheets, but I'd hate to forget it from my printed workbook if it does exist. I'd really appreciate a heads up if there wasn't one or a scan of it if there is one. THANKS guys.
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Ok, so people know... everyone is invited to
Opening Tuesday 5th JUNE @ 6:00pm
The Design Gallery 7A34
Building 7 University of Canberra
Bring your friends and family along
Open Weekdays until Tuesday 12th JUNE.
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Weird Nexus of Military Activity....

You know east of Civic where that weird eagle-on-a-stick statue is? And there are always guys in military uniforms wandering around looking sexily-uniformed and purposeful? What's that called? I'm told it's like.. where all the big offices are for the military, but is there an actual name for it? Something along the lines of It's-raining-men court? Or perhaps... sexy-uniformed-men Place? Any ideas?
Five seconds away from finding a google map for it. But the only thing I could type into the search engine is "eagle on a stick" and I don't think that would help.

I ask only because I'm almost formulating a plan for a event during a charity-week, and I think that would be an excellent place to arrange a presence during lunch time...


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Just wondering if someone can tell me how i go about writing a formal complaint about a unit. Is it better just to wait till the feel back forms at the end of the semester and do it that way or should i put something in writing?